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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Credit In The Straight World

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So our Ms. Love has been popping up here and there most recently. After winning custody of Frances, she's been spending more time writing more material for her upcoming album, due sometime at the end of this year. In her final appearance in court, Love stated that "I would just like to thank the court for allowing me these 90 days… [It] helped me deal with a very gnarly drug problem, which is behind me… I've just been playing guitar and taking care of my daughter," Love said in court. "I want to [take this opportunity] to let the community know that I'm doing great."

In an January interview with I-D magazine, Frances Bean revealed that she sees her mom in a positive light, regardless of all the bullshit. "I get to meet everyone I want and I get quite a lot of attention because of it," she said.
"But of course it hurts when you see a lot of lies about her in the tabloids and then you think, 'Well, it’s not that cool to have a cool mom.' I don’t like seeing my mom upset. No one does, right?"

Who is really hurting Frances the most?? Fucking Naysayers.

Earlier this year, collaborator and long time friend and ex, Billy Corgan moved into a wing of Courtney's new Beverly Hills mansion to help work on material for the new album. She and Frances share the other wing. C.Love is also working on tracks with ex-Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell. Among the songs being worked on and refined are Sunset Marquis, Wildfire, The Depths of My Despair, Never Go Hungry Again, Bedroom Walls, Sad But True, How Dirty Girls Get Clean, For Once In Your Life and the anti-cocaine number, Loser Dust. Not to mention her autobiography coming out on Halloween, reminscent of Kurt Cobain's Journals, published a few years back.
Dirty Blonde by Courtney Love

This girl can't wait.

Most recently, Courtney checked into a southern California spa to "fast" on a mostly liquid diet of lemon water, apple juice, zucchini, carrots, parsley juice, aloe vera, and castor oil, in order to be in ship-shape when she goes into the studio. "It's not for weight, it's for clarity," C.Love stated.

I dunno if our girl needs our saving so much. Seems to me like she's saving herself.

But that's just her Thing, isn't it?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


My life has been busy as hell lately, but I saw a pic of Courtney and Frances in a gossip mag and I realized just how much time has passed. So much has happened with our girl. I'm so proud.

November 21, 2005
Behaving well not only is impressive, but better than that it could lead others to have respect on you and give you honor. Though it isn't that extreme, what is happening to Courtney Love surely is good news. The troubled rocker has been ordered to leave drug rehab center by a Los Angeles judge on Friday for an outpatient program. Love, who was ordered into the treatment center earlier this year for 180 days after she admitted in August she had used drugs, a violation of her probation, is considered to progressing well and that's impress Superior Court Judge Rand Rubin for sure. "You're doing really well. I'm really pleased with the reports," Rubin told the 41-year-old singer during a hearing. "I certainly hope you keep up the good progress. You're definitely going in the right direction."Though, as you know nothing is free in this world, Love's freedom cost her to submit a twice-weekly drug and alcohol tests. Besides, she is permitted to leave home only under certain circumstances, like visiting doctor or her probation officer. Hope things will get better and better for her.

January 10, 2005

January 13, 2005
The court has finally granted back Courtney Love custody of her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. Love had previously lost the custody in 2004 due to the lawsuit concerning her drug possession and assault, and Frances Bean then lived with Cobain's mom, Wendy O'Connor.

February 4, 2006 mainD8FIEGH80.shtml

February 6, 2006
Anderson is convinced that her friend Courtney Love needs to escape the US limelight before she can deal with her problems. Pam says, "She just needs to go to St Lucia (Caribbean island) for six months and deal with all the stuff weighing her down."

Pam is so sweet!

March 2, 2006
Rocker COURTNEY LOVE and Oscar-nominated CAPOTE director BENNETT MILLER have sparked rumours they are a couple after being spotted together at a recent Hollywood party. The pair - who were introduced by Capote star CATHERINE KEENER - were "all over each other" at the event, reports gossip site However, a representative for the film-maker has denied the relationship is anything but platonic, insisting, "They're not an item. They're just friends." Love was previously married to late NIRVANA legend KURT COBAIN.

I was reading this article in Spin magazine that asserted that Courtney Love has the strongest ankles in Rock. I think she's proved herself once again. She continues to inspire me...fortes fortuna juvat. "I want to be the girl with the most cake"

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Night Out

So Courtney is back in Rehab. Good girl. They were nice enough to let her out last night so she could rock out with some of the locals. Sounds like she had a good time.
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Sunday, August 21, 2005


I like this judge.
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Thursday, August 11, 2005

The bad news is...

Courtney's relapsed. The good news is that she will more than likely be placed in a treatment program. In my recovery, people have always told me "it's got to get better before it gets worse." Let's hope so. Her new court date is on August 18. Be praying for her and Frances Bean!
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Monday, July 25, 2005

Good News

From time to time I will post links to news about Courtney and her recovery, to let you know how she's doing.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Mission Statement

I had the idea today to start a webpage to save my adolescent hero, Courtney Love. The idea is to start a kind of petition/card on behalf of Courtney's life. I firmly believe that when someone is having problems and is down on their luck, you should support them and show them all the love you can. And when you are a celebrity, it is so easy to get torn let them get to you. I used to idolize Courtney Love because she was this badass rock-chick that didn't seem to care what people said or thought about her, she was so confident in herself, she could do anything. And indeed she reached great heights. When I was lacking in perseverence and strength, she inspired me to carry on. Her talents made me feel like I wasn't all alone in the world. So, in tribute to Courtney, and in hopes that maybe somehow she will see this and see all the people that still love her, we can make her see that life's still there for her, and we are too.